Before JAFCO, the Jewish Community took no action to protect our most vulnerable children. JAFCO now provides an entire continuum of quality child welfare services.
– Florida State Senator Nan Rich

JAFCO is a giant walking into my courtroom.
– General Master Nicolas LoPane

The care of abused and neglected children is not charity; it is our responsibility to care for these children as a Jewish parent cares for their own children – with joy and pride.
– Dr. Ronald Simon, Founding President

Being a foster parent or adoptive parent is the greatest mitzvah in the world. Helping the children and seeing them grow is an amazing experience. JAFCO is there to support us and the children every step of the way.
– Reina & Sandi Simon, Foster Parents

JAFCO’s philosophy is that children who have sadly been removed from their parents should be placed, whenever possible, with their extended family. When that is not feasible, JAFCO becomes that extended family.
– Rabbi Bernhard Presler, Founding Board Member

We learned about the organization while attending a JAFCO golf tournament at Woodmont Country Club. When we heard about Jewish children who needed a place to live, we knew we wanted to help and place our family name at the JAFCO Village.
– Helene & Stephen Weicholz, Board Members and Grand Benefactors

As a grandparent raising my grandchildren, JAFCO gives me the peace of mind knowing they will be there if G-d forbid, something happens to me. In the meantime they’re helping me with the children’s needs including counseling, legal referrals and summer camp.
– Estelle, Grandparent

My children were placed at JAFCO while I was in treatment for addiction and depression. They took excellent care of my children and my JAFCO social worker supported me every step of the way. Today I am drug free and am raising my children still with the love and support of JAFCO. They have saved my family and I am forever grateful to them.
– Susan, Birth Parent