Nothing is more tragic than a family torn apart. When a child is removed from his family, he leaves behind what he has known and takes with him his fears, anger, hurt and insecurities. We believe that we can provide one less obstacle in the healing process by providing a child with a familiar cultural and religious environment. We believe every child deserve a safe and loving home.


Founded in 1992 by the Simon Family, JAFCO was created to ensure that Jewish children who were being removed from their home due to abuse or neglect and in one moment lose everything that is important to them, their home, their family, their pets, their friends, would at least be able to take with them the one piece of their identity that comes from their connection with their Jewish heritage. Prior to the creation of JAFCO the Jewish community had not taken any action to care for these children who ended up lost in a large state foster care system that was not able to maintain their Jewish identity. While JAFCO was created specifically to meet an unmet need in the Jewish community, it is the Jewish tradition to take care of any child in need and respect their culture and religion as well.


The JAFCO Jewish Children’s Village and the JAFCO Foster Care and Adoption Program are the placement options for a child whose family is unable to care for them.


At the JAFCO Jewish Children’s Village we teach the children about the beauty of Judaism by…

  • Nurturing them with Kosher food
  • Celebrating Shabbat dinner and services
  • Learning about being Jewish at Hebrew School
  • Giving each child a Bar or Bat Mitzvah of their own complete with a beautiful celebration
  • Celebrating Rosh Hashanah with a beautiful dinner and attending services
  • Observing Yom Kippur with the traditions of  tashlich, fasting and a break-fast dinner
  • Inviting the community to our annual Tu B’shvat Seder and Tree Planting
  • Celebrating Passover with a beautiful Seder
  • Keeping the miracle of Chanukah alive with special gifts, candle lighting and an annual party