The Weicholz Family Campus
Welcome to this beautiful 5.6 acre gated residential community centrally located in the heart of Broward County with easy access from both Dade and Palm Beach counties. After passing through the gatehouse.

The David Posnack Jewish Children’s Village
At first glance, resembles a typical South Florida residential community complete with playgrounds, swimming pool, beautiful sculpture gardens and landscaping, a bicycle path and a basketball court.

The Mahler Family Complex
JAFCO’s main operation center. This building houses the Marsh Children’s Center and The Simon Family Center.

The Marsh Children’s Center (Emergency Shelter)
Provides emergency placement for an abused, neglected or at risk child immediately upon removal from the parent and is open to accept children at any hour, day or night, 7 days a week.

The Children’s Center resembles a beautiful inviting home with a living room, dining room, kitchen, six bedrooms with baths, a library/computer room and outdoor play area. All children placed in this center are experiencing the trauma of abuse, neglect or separation from their family. All efforts are made by JAFCO staff and volunteers to make them feel safe, protected and loved.

The Simon Family Center

Home of JAFCO’s social work and administrative staff and is the site from which we operate all of our programs. The Family Center also incorporates our Outpatient Therapy Program, staff social work offices, family visitation and therapy rooms and pediatrician office.

The JAFCO Therapy Program provides ongoing individual, group and family therapy as well as psychiatric services to the JAFCO children to help them heal from any trauma they have endured in their lives.


The JAFCO Group Home Program

Our 6 beautiful group homes are private one-story homes with two car garages, located along a private residential street, which overlook a beautiful canal setting. Each home has six bedrooms with baths and houses up to six children. Staffed by live-in house parents, the homes function as individual “families” that are part of the JAFCO community. Children may live at the Village until the age of 21 while preparing to move into a foster or adoptive home, to reunite with their birth family, until they leave for college or are ready to live independently.


Children residing in the group homes receive individual, group and family therapy and medical and psychiatric services as needed. They attend area schools, interact with other children in the community and participate in community activities. Older teens may work part-time in local businesses. As they enjoy the safety and security offered by the Village they have the support and friendship of other children who have also been separated from their families and most importantly‚ they are not alone.