Please help JAFCO secure the future of our children – saving the life of a child is the best investment you can make. You may place your family name on one of the following endowments needed to secure the future of JAFCO. All endowments are restricted to the purpose for which they were created and only the earned interest is used, allowing the endowment and your family name to continue saving the lives of children in perpetuity. A minimum gift of $25,000 will establish a restricted or unrestricted (endowed or unendowed) family fund for any of the services offered at the Children’s Village, the Children’s Ability Center or the Northeast Communities Office.

To discuss creating a family fund or any of the endowed gifts listed below contact JAFCO Philanthropy Director Randi Winter at or 954.552.2519.

$25,000,000 will allow the agency to be named in honor of the donor.
$10,000,000 will establish an endowment to support the operations of either the Children’s Ability Center OR the Jewish Children’s
$5,000,000 will establish an endowment to support the Children’s Emergency Shelter and provide a safe haven for abused infants and children.
$1,000,000 will establish an endowment to provide excellent medical and dental care to the children of JAFCO.
$1,000,000 will establish an endowment to allow the children of JAFCO to experience the joy of summer camp.
$1,000,000 will establish an endowment to provide lifesaving therapy to children who have experienced abuse.
$1,000,000 will establish an endowment to allow children at the Children’s Village to attend college.
$1,000,000 will establish an endowment to support foster families who open their hearts and their homes to abused and
neglected children.
$1,000,000 will establish an Adoption Endowment to assist families and children with the adoption process.
$1,000,000 will establish a Family Preservation Endowment to support families in crisis and keep families together.
$1,000,000 will establish a Relative Caregiver Endowment to support caregivers who have stepped up to care for their grandchildren or other relatives.
$1,000,000 will establish an endowment for the JAFCO CEO, COO or Development Director position.
$1,000,000 will establish an Independent Living Endowment to help children transition from foster care.
$1,000,000 will establish a Transportation Endowment to provide for vehicles, gas and maintenance of vehicles to transport the children to school and other activities.
$500,000 will establish a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Endowment to provide for a memorable celebration on the occasion of a child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah at the Children’s Village.
$500,000 will establish a Hebrew School and Holiday Endowment to provide Hebrew School, Shabbat Dinner and all holiday meals to the children at the Children’s Village.
$360,000 will establish a Technology Endowment to provide for computers for all of the children at the Village.
$360,000 will establish a Summer Vacation Fund to allow the children at the Village to experience what it is like to go on an annual “family” vacation.
$250,000 will establish a Birthday Party Endowment to give every JAFCO child an amazing birthday party.
$100,000 will establish a Forever Friends/Mentoring Endowment to give every child their own mentor or “forever friend”.
$72,000 will allow you to endow your Godparent or Circle of Hope commitment and support the children forever.

The Paul & Sandra Goldner MENSCH Endowment
$1,000,000 – Created to ensure that every JAFCO child has the same opportunity as their children and grandchildren to receive an excellent education and mentoring that will help them become a “Mensch”.

The Vicki & Steven Stolberg College Scholarship Award
$125,000 – Created to provide college or vocational school experiences to the children of JAFCO who are working hard to succeed in life, beginning in their senior year of high school and following them to college graduation.

The Barry & Myra Cohen Cultural Arts & Music Endowment
$100,000 – Created to enhance the cultural and musical experiences of the children of JAFCO who might not otherwise have the opportunities to experience these life enriching opportunities.

The Lois & Stephen Kaufman College Endowment
$64,000 – Created by Lois and Stephen Kaufman in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary to provide college or vocational school experiences to the children of JAFCO who are working hard to succeed in life, beginning in their senior high school year and following them to college graduation.

The Clare & Richard Lesser Children of JAFCO Endowment
$50,000 – Created to provide for the ongoing needs of the children of JAFCO.

The Brenda Wallach Forever Friends Endowment
$50,000 – Created by Arthur Adler in loving memory of his sister Brenda who was a dedicated mentor in the Forever Friends Program for many years, sharing her generous heart and warm smile with the children of JAFCO.

The Tami & Perry Isenberg Bar/Bat Mitzvah Endowment
$28,000 – Created to ensure that every JAFCO child has the opportunity to have a beautiful Bar/Bat Mitzvah by being called to the Torah for the most special and holy ritual of our Jewish heritage followed by a wonderful celebration.

The Marge Flanz* Alumni Circle Endowment
$25,000 – Created in loving memory of JAFCO Trustee Marge Flanz, to support the activities and ongoing development of the JAFCO Alumni Circle and to provide assistance to deserving JAFCO alumni as they make the difficult transition from foster care to young adulthood.

The Sam and Rose Riemer Endowment Fund
$25,000 – Created to provide for the daily needs of the children of JAFCO.

Norman & Stephanie Altman Cultural Arts Fund
$25,000 – Created to provide cultural arts experiences for the children of JAFCO that will lift their spirits and touch their soul in a meaningful way by providing music lessons, tickets to concerts, and theater performances.

Alan & Noni Aufzien College Graduation Gift Fund
$25,000 – Created to recognize each JAFCO child for the enormous accomplishment of completing their college degree with a gift of $1,000 to help them begin their journey as adults.

Sam & Adele Borger Birthday Fund
$25,000 – Created by their children in honor of Sam and Adele Borger to provide the children of JAFCO a memorable birthday party, often their first.

Chelminsky Family Hebrew School Fund
$25,000 – Created to enrich the lives of the children of JAFCO by exposing them to the beauty of Judaism by providing holiday celebrations, Hebrew school, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for the children of JAFCO.

Jesse Diner & Adele Stone New Beginnings Educational Fund
$25,000 – Created in honor of Ellyn & Steve Bogdanoff and Anita & Ralph Byer who have both opened their homes as JAFCO foster parents, this fund will enhance the lives of JAFCO’s college-age children by providing them with higher educational opportunities in order to break the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Michelle Herman Goldstein* Emergency Fund
$25,000 – Created by her family in loving memory of Michelle who was senselessly killed on 9-11, provides emergency funds for our JAFCO Shelter: food, clothing, medical attention, and therapy for the most vulnerable infants and children who come to us in the middle of the night.

Jeffrey Gruber Recreational Fund
$25,000 – Created by Sheila and Richard Gruber in loving memory of their son Jeffrey. This fund provides fun filled experiences for the children in keeping with Jeffrey’s beautiful smile and spirit.

Lederman-Wolfe March of the Living & Birthright Fund
$25,000 – Created by Jacquie and Marty Lederman in order to create a living bridge from the past to the present so we will never forget. This fund will provide the opportunity for JAFCO children to participate in Birthright and in the March of the Living where they will first gain an understanding of the darkness of the Holocaust followed by our bright future in Israel.

The Rita Carole Messner Endowment Fund
$25,000 – in Loving Memory of her parents Rose and William Messner benefitting the Ability Center Summer Camp  “Summer camp is treasured a childhood memory that Rita’s parents gave her”.

Eric & Debbie Nemiroff Music Education Fund
$25,000 – Created to spread the love that they share as a family, with their son Sam, for music and the arts by providing the children of JAFCO with drama and music experiences.

Roslyn Prevor College Scholarship Fund
$25,000 – Created by Roz’s children Abbe and Barry Prevor on the occasion of their son Harrison’s Bar Mitzvah to provide spending money to the children in JAFCO’s Independent Living Program who are attending college.

Lawrence S. & Helene Price Family Fund
$25,000 – Created by their children in their honor to provide ongoing support throughout the years for all of the children of JAFCO.

Dr. Abraham & Dorothy Shapiro Family Fund
$25,000 – Created to provide emergency medical care for the children at the JAFCO Jewish Children’s Village through an annual Yom Kippur Book of Remembrance created by the Boca Lago Congregation.

Two Ziegler Boys Camp Scholarship Fund
$25,000 – Created by Joan Baxt in honor of her two grandsons so that the children of JAFCO will have the same joyful summer camp experience as any other children.

Gary Zimmerman Shabbat Fund
$25,000 – Created to provide a meaningful monthly Shabbat experience for the children living at the JAFCO Jewish Children’s Village, teaching them the importance of spending Shabbat as a day of peace and gratitude.

The Gwenn Feldman Fund for Fun
$25,000 – The Gwenn Feldman Fund for Fun created in loving memory of Gwenn Feldman by her children Emily Gottheimer and US Congressman Josh Gottheimer to ensure that their mother’s love for children and for “fun” lives on forever in the hearts of abused and neglected children.

The Krongold Family Jewish Identity Fund
$25,000 – The Krongold Family Jewish Identity Fund created by Glenda and Ronnie Krongold in honor of their children and grandchildren that have embraced their Jewish Heritage by giving the JAFCO children the opportunity to attend High School in Israel, Birthright, and The March of the Living.