JAFCO chapters consist of volunteers who are dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the children. Getting involved with your local chapter offers you a wonderful opportunity that will not only allow you to provide more support for the beautiful children of JAFCO but also bring a deep sense of pride and meaning, as well as a profound connection to your local community. Contact the Chapter President listed below to join a chapter in your area or call Shelli Gold, Director of Development Operations at 954.315.8671 (shelli@jafco.org) to start a JAFCO Chapter in your community.

Each chapter is lead by a structured board of volunteer leaders with support from the JAFCO Development office. We encourage you to apply for any open chapter leadership position; the only requirements are that you have the time, compassion, and interpersonal skills to get along well with others working towards a common goal. We will support, train and guide you through the rest. The life-saving work of the JAFCO chapters is truly integral to achieving our mission.

Chapter Presidents & Vice Presidents