Our Capital Campaign currently stands at $12m (including cash, land and bequests). Another $18m in naming opportunities are available to complete construction and to create an operational endowment supporting the family enrichment, family support and respite services offered at the center. We truly appreciate the love and support of existing capital donors who have turned a dream into reality by creating the amazing state-of-the-art JAFCO Children’s Ability Center.

The list of remaining naming opportunities is located below along with the list of contributing donors.

Everyone is invited to tour the Children’s Ability Center which is truly the only one of its kind in the country. We need the support of the entire community in order to…give every child a place to belong. For more information please contact Randi Winter, JAFCO Capital Campaign Director at randi@jafco.org or 954-315-8689


$1,000,000 & ABOVE
Samuel & Adele Borger Campus
David Posnack Jewish Children’s Center
Stephen & Helene Weicholz Children’s Lodge
Sandi & Bob Morris Guest House
Sandi & Leonard Solomon Grand Ballroom

Maurice D. & Margie Plough Main Gate Entry Circle

$150,000 – $749,999
Irving & Cherna Moskowitz Holy Ark
The Luis DE Torres Bahamas Synagogue/Anthony
Chaim Gee/Nat Bernstein
Leslie & Joan Berman Donor Wall
Hahn Family Foundation Computer Wiz Lab
Rachel A. Sapoznik & Family Lodge General Store
Edward & Bernice Wenger Professional Zone
Ron & Deni Simon Marketing & Development Zone

$54,000- $149,999
Lilyan Berkowitz Lodge Care Office
Irving Eckhardt Parent Resource Library
The Rutner Family Picnic & BBQ Area
Barry & Myra Cohen Parent Cafe Kitchen
Jerry Lindzon Claire & Gerald Manowitz Ceramic Arts Studio
Rita Messner Serenity Elevator
Dave & Ethel Sommer Intergenerational Bridge
Gary Zimmerman Play & Party Room
Ralph & Anita Byer Music & Drama Studio
Frances Davis Classroom
Daniel & Judy Dobin Doctor’s Office
Perry & Tami Isenberg Play Therapy Room
Al & Jo Levine Vegetable Garden Gazebo
Judy Levis Markhoff ABA Therapy Room
Ed & Wendy Sternlieb Basketball Court
Betsy & Sidney Savelle Bronze Children’s Sculpture
Marilyn & Jay Weinberg Bronze Children’s Sculpture

Richard Allen & Louise Jacowitz Allen Guest House Kitchen
Martha & Melvin Aronson Guest House Bedroom
M. Blume Staff Office
Sam & Phyllis Butters Vegetable Garden
Abe & Annie David Program Director’s Office
Richard & Susan Finkelstein Pet Therapy Room
Ken Fisher Life Skills Pantry
Florida’s Voice on Developmental Disabilities Butterfly Garden
Mazie Golin Ford Butterfly Garden
Dorinne & Jeffrey Gerstin Staff Office
Mary & Dr. Gerry Glass Guest House Bedroom
Mara & Dr. Mel Gober Clinical Director’s Office
Lori & Dr. Lewis Gold Sensory & Relaxation Programming
Margery & Stephen Greenspan Guest House Bedroom
Steve Mutchnick & Cindy Niad Hannah
Sensory & Relaxation Programming
Ursula & Leonard Hess Guest House Living Room
Leslie & Kimberly Kaminoff Butterfly Garden
Edwin Kaplan Guest House Living Room
Linda F. Kaplan Butterfly Garden
Nancy & Alfred J. Katzin Hummingbird Garden
Stephen & Lois Kaufman Guest House Bedroom
Kessner, Greenfield, Field & Kessner
Staff Office/Nurses Station
Lori & Dr. Kenneth Konsker Guest House Bedroom
The Krass & Ellenbogen Guest House Kitchen
Julius & Helen Lipitz Butterfly Garden
Judy Levis Markhoff Wheelchair Swing
James & Andrea Orleans Life Skills Lab
The Ross Family Guest House Bedroom
Richard & Diane Ross Hummingbird Garden
Lenore Rothman Hummingbird Garden
Joseph & Frances Russo Guest House Kitchen
Philip & Lee Schwartz Family Fnd Guest House Living Room
Stuart & Shelly Sherman Guest House Bedroom
Arthur & Shirley Siegel Guest House Bedroom
Charles & Sandi Simon Hummingbird Garden
Nancy & Stanley Singer Oval Swing
David & Ethel Sommer Guest House Laundry Room
David & Ethel Sommer Hummingbird Garden
Jayne & Marvin Suskin Guest House Staff Office/Nurses Station
Wolf & Rywka Taykan Staff Relaxation Room
Naomi & Sheldon Zimbler Life Skills Teaching Kitchen
Rachel & Dr. Paul Zimmerman Guest House Bedroom

JAFCO Children’s Ability Center Capital Campaign Naming Opportunities