As our world leaders continue to struggle to gain control over serious economic and political issues, we would like to share the wisdom of our JAFCO Godparents with them. For if JAFCO Godparents ran the world, this world would be a safer, happier and more carefree place.

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JAFCO Godparents ensure that every child has:

Dignity: Our bedroom would be our private sanctuary, a place we could go to relax, to think, to calm down in a hot bath, sometimes to cry but more often to dream. The walls would be painted in our favorite rainbow colors and would soon be covered with pictures of our favorite band. We would never worry that anyone would ever enter our bedroom and abuse us again.

Hope: We would all have hope that our future will be brighter and safer than our past. Our hope would be restored through therapy, education, celebrating holidays, connecting with the beauty of our heritage, traditions, spirituality and the arts. Enjoying carefree activities of childhood such as riding our bikes, playing with friends or going to summer camp would remind us of how wonderful it is to be alive. Going to a baseball, basketball, football or hockey game, a concert, the theater or even Disney World would be a dream come true. We would all know the thrill of waking up on our birthday and knowing that the world is a better place because we are in it!

Food: We would be nourished with an abundance of healthy foods and delicious meals prepared for us each day. We would never worry about being hungry again.

Clothing: We would always have new shoes and clothing and some great hand-me-downs. Our clothes would always be clean. We would never worry that the other kids at school would ever make fun of us again.

Home: We would all have a safe place to live. We would be a part of a loving community, live in beautiful homes surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, a place where everyone cared about each other. We would never worry about foreclosure or losing our homes.

To be asked to be the Godparent for a child is one of the greatest honors in life. The children of JAFCO are asking you to become their Godparent. JAFCO Godparents spiritually adopt an abused child to ensure that they have everything they need. As a Godparent you welcome the child to the beauty of the world and to Judaism. The JAFCO Godparent Circle has been created to ensure that every JAFCO child will have a wonderful life filled with every opportunity that our own children have. JAFCO Godparents make a commitment to support the children of JAFCO for ten years with a gift of less than $5 a day or $1,800 a year.

Two special gold pins have been created featuring the JAFCO logo which symbolizes our mission – a child swinging joyously on the tree of life.

The woman’s pin features a moveable swing with either a boy or a girl on the swing and can also be worn on a necklace.

The man’s lapel pin is black onyx with gold inlay. Godparents recommitting for a second ten years receive a silver candle holder created exclusively for JAFCO by world renowned artist Yaacov Heller.

Becoming a Godparent however is about more than receiving a beautiful pin. It is about saving the lives of an entire generation of children who need your protection. Since it is the perfect birthday or anniversary gift, you can become a Godparent at any time of the year and it would be our honor to pin you at one of our JAFCO events. Your name will join our wall of honor at the JAFCO Jewish Children’s Village.

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The Godparent Pendant The Godparent Pin

To learn more about becoming a JAFCO Godparent please contact Gail Marlow, Development Officer at 954-368-1871 or